Full Moon February 2024: 3 Zodiac Signs Beat The Odds On February 20, 2024

Full Moon February 2024: On February 20, 2024, we’ll spend the day reflecting on our past, feeling sorry for some of the things we’ve done, and wondering where we messed up. With a Cancer Moon above, three zodiac signs may find this day especially tough, as it brings back memories of happier times that are now gone.

When the Cancer Moon is out, we all tend to get lost in our thoughts and feel sorry for ourselves. But there’s also a strength in us. While it’s normal to feel down sometimes, we know deep down that it’s just temporary, and we’ll feel better soon enough. It’s okay to give ourselves a break once in a while.

3 signs with rough horoscopes on February 20, 2024

1. Aries

February 20, 2024 is a really important day for you. You don’t want to fail, but you’re not sure if you can keep your promises. It might be about school or love. On that day, under the Cancer Moon, you might not feel ready emotionally.

For you, Aries, emotions are a big deal on February 20th. You’re very emotional, which could make the day tricky. You like being in control, but sometimes feeling vulnerable messes that up, and that’s what the Cancer Moon does. It makes you feel exposed.

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So, on February 20, 2024, try to understand your feelings and deal with them calmly. Focus on your tasks without getting too hung up on the results. If you’re too focused on the end result, you might miss out on the journey. It’s hard to not get too attached during the Cancer Moon, but try to let go, Aries.

2. Virgo 

You know all too well the mistakes you’ve made and how they’ve caused you suffering. February 20, 2024 seems intent on rubbing salt in those wounds, with everyone around reminding you of your errors. It’s frustrating and the last thing you need. Under the Cancer Moon, those who claim to care about you might try to impose their views on you, making you feel blamed for everything.

Feeling fed up is natural. Maybe you’ll even want to snap back, and that’s okay. During moments like this, it’s crucial to prioritize your peace. If certain people are getting on your nerves, you have every right to distance yourself from them. And if they won’t quit with the nagging, don’t hesitate to shut them down. You deserve a break from the negativity on February 20, 2024.

3. Aquarius 

On February 20, 2024, things might feel a bit rough because of the Cancer Moon. You might be more sensitive than usual, and criticism can really get to you.

When you think some people are always trying to tell you what to do or criticize you, it feels like an attack. Even if they think they’re helping, it just feels like they should mind their own business. You wish they’d stop talking, and if they keep insisting, it really brings your mood down. This might make you feel angry, especially during the Cancer Moon.

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