3 vital signs that someone thinks about you a lot, according to psychology

3 vital signs that someone thinks about you a lot, according to psychology: Sometimes we feel like someone is thinking about us, even if we don’t have a clear reasons. We just sense it somehow.

Perhaps you’ve seen them watching our Instagram stories frequently, sometimes right after we’ve posted them.

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Or maybe you’ve noticed how they look at us a bit longer than usual whenever we’re around.

When we listen to our gut feelings and stay open to noticing them, we can start seeing connections we never knew existed.”

“Here are seven hints from psychology that might show someone is thinking about you

They’re always in your thinking

Do you often think about someone? Maybe you’ve spent time with them, so you know how they make you feel, you enjoy being around them and are drawn to their vibe.

Barrie Davenport from Live Bold and Bloom says, “Sometimes you feel their positive energy even when they’re not around…

In easy words, if you can’t stop thinking about someone, it might mean that they are also thinking about you. A nurse who used to work in critical care said that she believes this is true. She shared that she experienced this herself a few times, even recently. She would wake up in the middle of the night with thinking of her ex because he had just sent her a text. She hadn’t heard the text because her phone’s ringer was off, but somehow she still felt his presence in her thoughts. This happened to her more than once.

They’re also finding their way into your mind without you even realizing it

In simpler words, it means that you keep seeing someone in your dreams a lot.

When someone appears in your dreams often, it could mean that they’re thinking about you a lot, especially at night, according to Aastha Pahadia, who is an expert in relationships.

If you’re dreaming nice things about someone, it’s likely they’re thinking good thoughts about you too.

So, if you dream about almonds, it might mean there’s a special connection between you and the person you dream about.

You are feeling sudden changes in your emotions that you don’t understand.

To make it simpler, it means you might be having sudden changes in how you feel.

If you notice that you’re suddenly feeling really happy or sad without any clear reason, and you can’t figure out why your mood changed, it could mean that someone is thinking about you. That’s what Shawn Love, who runs the Denver Tech Center, suggests.

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