3 main ways to achieve an inner sense of happiness, based on Indian philosophy

3 ways to achieve an inner sense of happiness, based on Indian philosophy: Have you ever tried to be happy but ended up feeling lost and stressed instead? Or maybe you’ve done all the things society says will make you successful, but you still feel empty inside?

Lots of us feel this way because life is busy, work is hard, and social media never stops.

I know exactly how that feels because I’ve been there too.

Discover the power of mindfulness

In Indian thinking, a big idea is being mindful, which means paying close attention to what’s happening right now. I

I remember when I was really busy with work, family stuff, and hanging out with friends. I was always hurrying around, thinking about things I did wrong before or worrying about what might happen next. Even though I was there in body, my mind was somewhere else.

It’s like being a hamster on a wheel – we keep moving but don’t really get anywhere.

. I began with just a few minutes each day, focusing on my breathing and letting my thoughts come and go without judging them.

Gradually, I noticed a difference.  I started noticing little things – like how good my coffee tasted in the morning, or the sound of birds outside. These things were always there, but I was too busy to notice them before.

Mindfulness isn’t about stopping our thoughts or trying to feel super relaxed all the time.  It’s about realizing that true happiness isn’t somewhere far away – it’s right here, right now.

Practice self-compassion

In Indian thinking, being kind to ourselves is very important. It means treating ourselves as nicely as we would treat a close friend.

We get mad at ourselves for making mistakes or for not being perfect.

I used to do this to myself too. Whenever I messed up, I would be really mean to myself.

Things started to get better when I began to be kinder to myself. Instead of being mean about my mistakes, I started being nicer. I realized that everyone messes up sometimes, and that’s okay.

When we’re kind to ourselves, we can accept who we are – not perfect, but just human.

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As we start to forgive ourselves and understand ourselves better, we begin to see how valuable our lives and our experiences really are…

Understand the concept of Dharma

In Indian thinking, there’s this big idea called “Dharma.” It’s like a mix of duty, being good, and finding your right way in life. It says everyone has their own special reason for being here, and being truly happy means figuring out what that reason is and doing it.

I felt really free when I understood this idea. I spent a long time trying to be like everyone else, doing jobs and living in ways I thought I should.

Choosing this path made me feel really satisfied and happy in a way I never had before.

Finding our own path isn’t about doing what everyone else does. When we do that, we can feel really happy deep down inside.

When we try to live our own path, we often turn to meditation.

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