Why Did People Hate Anne Hathaway

Why Did People Hate Anne Hathaway: Anne Hathaway is a really good actor. She has a smile that can make any room feel brighter, and she’s been in a lot of movies that even other actors respect. But here’s the twist: some folks in Hollywood don’t like her. They’ve got a problem with Anne Hathaway. But why ?

Why do lots of people not like Anne Hathaway?

Howard Stern once said he didn’t get why some people didn’t like Anne Hathaway. He thought maybe it’s because she acts too dramatically. James Franco, who hosted the Oscars with her in 2011, was asked about this and said maybe people feel this way, but he wasn’t sure.

Why do people get upset when a talented actor like Anne, who’s really good at what she does, gets a lot of attention? It’s like in Britain where they sometimes criticize successful people for standing out too much — they call it “tall poppy syndrome.”

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Anne is really something in Hollywood.  Especially after she played Fantine in Les Misérables and won an Oscar and a Golden Globe, she really stood out. But some folks have been picking apart her thank you speeches and interviews, saying they’re weird or fake. That might make people feel like she’s not like them, according to Stylist magazine.

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