7 important signs you and your partner have achieved true intimacy

7 important signs you and your partner have achieved true intimacy: Getting close to someone is more than just holding hands or hugging.

It’s about really knowing and understanding your partner, being able to share your fears and feelings, and creating a strong emotional connection.

This kind of closeness is super important in every relationship, but it’s not easy to achieve. It’s complicated and sometimes hard to explain.

That’s why it’s helpful to know the signs that show you’ve got a strong bond with your partner. It can give you confidence that your relationship is going well.

So, if you’re wondering if you and your partner are really close, keep reading!

I’m going to talk about some signs that show your relationship is strong and special.

Ready to find out? Let’s get started.

Complete honesty

Real closeness comes from trusting each other. It means being able to tell your partner your biggest secrets, worries, and hopes without worrying they’ll think badly of you or push you away.

In a close relationship, it’s not just about talking about easy stuff.

In simple words, being honest makes it easier for people to show their true feelings. When you’re honest, you’re not afraid to be yourself, and that’s important for building a close bond with someone. It helps both people really understand each other and feel closer together.

Finding peace in quiet moments

In the beginning of a relationship, we often want to talk all the time to get to know each other better. We worry that if there’s silence, the other person might think we’re not interested.

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But as we get closer to each other, we start feeling okay with silence. We learn to enjoy just being together without talking.

You start to see how nice it is to be quiet with your partner, doing your own thing but still feeling really close.

You don’t always have to talk to show how you feel. Sometimes, just being quiet together says a lot about how comfortable and close you are.

So, what does this tell us?

It shows that being close isn’t just about big gestures or talking all the time. It’s often about being calm and quiet together.

Shared growth

In a really close relationship, you’re not just partners in love—you’re also each other’s biggest cheerleaders. You both push each other to try new things, learn, and become better. When one of you succeeds, you both celebrate, and when things don’t go well, you’re there to comfort each other.

This is a strong sign that you and your partner have built a deep connection.

When you notice that you’re growing as a person because of your relationship, it shows that you’ve been able to learn from each other and grow together as a couple.

If you want to understand more about how relationships can help us grow, you can check out my video below where I talk about what I learned from a date that didn’t go well, and how it helped me grow.

Having similar beliefs and aims

In a close relationship, it’s important to have similar values. This means you both see things in life the same way, like how important family is, what you want to achieve in your career, how you want to grow personally, and what you think about important issues in society.

But it doesn’t mean you always agree on everything. It just means you respect each other’s opinions and know that your basic beliefs are similar.

When you have common goals, like buying a house together, starting a family, or helping each other with your careers, it feels like you’re on the same team.


Understanding and caring about how your partner feels makes your relationship stronger. It helps you both to understand each other better, to be kind and respectful to each other, and to solve problems together. When you have empathy, you can share in your partner’s happiness and sadness, making your bond even deeper. That’s why in a close relationship, empathy is not just about knowing how your partner feels, it’s about feeling it alongside them – their happiness makes you happy, and their pain hurts you too.

Final thoughts

Real closeness isn’t only about love or finding someone attractive.

It’s about really understanding each other, growing together, respecting each other, and loving each other without any conditions. It’s about feeling like you’re truly known, listened to, and valued for who you truly are.

In this article, we’ve talked about signs that show you and your partner have reached this deep connection.

But remember, every relationship is different and grows in its own way. What’s most important is that your connection is real and you’re both committed to growing together.

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